Fueling the future through data and digital solutions.

An array of forces are disrupting the hydrocarbon value chain:
  • Marketing volatility, consumer demand, and investor expectations have increased competition and created new opportunities.
  • Technology innovation is driving transformation that doesn’t always fit nicely into the existing technology stack.
  • Each new device, sensor, and machine creates and consumes more data.
  • Customers are demanding more data, delivered at the point of action, with more speed.
We help our clients navigate the energy transformation to build a safe, profitable, and sustainable future.

Across the value chain, oil and gas companies have turned to BizMod to improve operations and enterprise capabilities, unlock value in data assets, and build digital work forces that fuel the future.


BizMod serves all levels of government: federal, state, and local.

By providing solutions that address technology issues as well as organizational change, we help government agencies run more efficiently with better outcomes, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.

Digital Government
Citizens are demanding a modern government that delivers services in the same manner they are accustomed to in their day to day lives – on demand, tailored to their needs, and in the palm of their hand.

Digital Disruption
The increasing demand for Digital Government services is disrupting state and local government agencies who have historically provided services via disparate departments and program areas with limited ability to share data about those citizens. All the while these agencies are struggling to support legacy systems with an aging workforce while trying to recruit the next generation of public servants in a competitive digital economy.


BizMod supports payers and providers by implementing analytic strategies to support risk stratification, documentation and coding, and utilization management.

Evidence-Based Solutions
We help organizations develop and optimize evidence-based approaches to patient care that are reliable and actionable. And we’ve partnered with health systems throughout the US to manage per capita costs, helping them reduce spending while still delivering quality care.

Our Approach
Our teams are both analytical and creative. They bring a positivity to the workplace that clients describe as energizing. Best of all, the ideas we bring you actually work—we know, because we stick with you from strategy through implementation.